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Customer Service

For questions about gifting and jewelry, contact a Sales Professional. For engagement guidance, contact a Diamond Expert.

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Care & Repair

Since 1837, Tiffany has maintained the highest standards in design, materials and craftsmanship. With proper care, you can preserve the beauty of your Tiffany jewelry and accessories for years to come.

How to Care for Your Jewelry

The precious materials used in Tiffany designs require specific care. Learn how to ensure your jewelry remains in prime condition.

Platinum and Gold Jewelry

Platinum and 18k gold are celebrated for their incredible radiance. Discover more about these precious metals and learn how you can maintain their beauty.

Gemstone and Pearl Jewelry

Keep your Tiffany gemstone and pearl jewelry sparkling with a few simple tips. 

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is prized for its beautiful luster and durability. Follow our tips to keep your sterling silver designs looking as good as new.

Leather and Canvas

Discover quick and easy ways to maintain the style and beauty of your favorite Tiffany accessories.