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The World of Tiffany

Every story has a beginning. Discover how Tiffany & Co. began in 1837 and grew into a global design house at the forefront of innovative jewelry design and expert craftsmanship.


An Iconic Heritage

Journey through the milestones that established Tiffany as an international icon of legendary style, bold artistry and innovative design.

Dazzling Discoveries

Charles Lewis Tiffany’s passion for acquiring rare and unusual gemstones paved the way for Tiffany & Co.’s longstanding legacy of discovery and exploration, establishing the company’s reputation as a world-renowned jeweler.

The King of Diamonds

Behind every dream is the dreamer. Our visionary founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, helped define legendary jewelry design as we know it and established the diamond engagement ring as an enduring symbol of love.

The Tiffany Blue Box®

The world has been enthralled with the Tiffany Blue Box® since its debut. Today, it is recognized as an international symbol for style, sophistication and unparalleled design.

Designers of Note

There are a few designers the world has come to know by name, whose innovative work has contributed immeasurably to the Tiffany & Co. legacy of inspired design, artistry and craftsmanship. These gifted individuals were sought out by Tiffany for their singular vision and distinctive ideas.

The Magical Windows of Tiffany

Tiffany’s famous Fifth Avenue flagship store windows have captured the public’s imagination for over a century with theatrical and unexpected displays. Showcasing extraordinary jewelry in fantastical settings, Tiffany’s often radical windows always surprise and delight. Discover their magic.