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Customer Service

For questions about gifting and jewelry, contact a Sales Professional. For engagement guidance, contact a Diamond Expert.

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For general inquiries please call +91 - 935 484 7531

Speak with a Diamond Expert at +91 - 935 484 7531


Introducing Tiffany Men’s

Explore our curated collection of the most definitive pieces for the modern man. Refined jewelry, luxurious accessories and witty home objects combine traditional craftsmanship with the finest materials and a design ethos that prioritizes purity and integrity.

Men’s Rings

Authentic craftsmanship meets uncomplicated designs.

Men’s Necklaces & Pendants

Wear with your finest suit or your favorite t-shirt.

Men’s Bracelets

Balance your timepiece with an elegant cuff, chain bracelet or I.D. bracelet engraved with a personal message.

Gifts for Him

Add a twist to your next poker night.

Men’s Accessories

Luxurious staples to elevate work, play and everything in between.

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