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For questions about gifting and jewelry, contact a Sales Professional. For engagement guidance, contact a Diamond Expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an appraisal for my Tiffany Co merchandise?

Tiffany Co. does not offer appraisals. However, any reputable auction house can appraise Tiffany merchandise, usually for a fee.

We do offer Retail Price Updates, which are provided solely for the purpose of advising your insurer of Tiffany Co.’s U.S. retail price for new merchandise matching or most nearly equivalent to your item, in case the item is lost, stolen, or damaged. It does not provide historical information or authentication for the item and it does not constitute an estimate of the value of any item when sold on the estate jewelry or auction markets. Typically, pre-owned items sold on such markets garner prices less than current retail prices.

Retail Price Updates are provided for the following merchandise categories:

  • Gold and platinum jewelry
  • Watches in current Tiffany Co. assortment
  • Sterling silver hollowware
  • Sterling silver flatware

Please be aware we may not be able to provide Retail Price Updates for some items because we do not currently sell a similar item in our current assortment.

For pricing and timing, please contact Customer Relations at +91 8595405644.